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What is Helicoll®?

Helicoll® is an acellular dermal matrix derived from bovine Type-1 collagen. Helicoll® is ultra-pure through the patented manufacturing process making it safe for patients of all ages.


Helicoll® has been proven to effectively treat the following types of wounds:

How Does Helicoll® Work?

Helicoll® has been proven to granulate tissue in 4-5 days by creating rapid neo-vascularization. Full molecules of collagen provide up to 3,000 receptor sites for your body’s own growth factors to attach to and begin tissue regeneration. Helicoll® reduces inflammation which helps reduce pain, and kick starts the healing process. Helicoll® has proven to successfully heal wounds of all types and burns, for patients of all ages including those with additional health issues affecting their healing.

Helicoll® Safety Information

Helicoll® has been applied to patients’ tens of thousands of times with no adverse events or reactions. If you have a bovine allergy you may want to discuss this with your physician prior to application of Helicoll® as it is comprised of Bovine collagen.

After Care

Once Helicoll® has been applied, do not disturb the wound or remove Helicoll®. For scheduled dressing changes or weekly follow up, additional layers of Helicoll® can be applied right over any remaining collagen in the wound bed.

Accepted Insurance

Helicoll® is covered by most private insurance carriers and Medicaid. A letter of pre-authorization may be required for some insurers. If you need help with Information on reimbursement, insurance protocol and CMS changes, contact us for more information.


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